Onsite Vendors & Artists

Mohr Creations


We create art in many ways. All of our jewelry is hand done one-of-a-kind. Jules makes the jewelry. Daniel draws and writes webcomics as well as tattoos and hanging art. We create art using metal, stone and glass as well as pencil and ink. The company consists of Jules and Daniel Mohr. We are out of St. Paul, MN

Lionheart Games


Lionheart Games is a proud sponsor of LionCon each and every year. They bring a variety of: board games, card games, trading card games, roll playing games and accessories. Visit their booth to get 15% off your entire purchase. "Our games aren't boring, they are roaring." -LHG

tentacle-made studios by 'trie blasingame


i'm 'trie (sounds like "tree"), and i'm a conceptual, mixed media artist/fandom illustrator/plush enthusiast.

tentacle-made studios is my studio practice-cum-business, which encompasses two studios, a youtube channel project called projecTransparency (and its sub-projects the library, stand-and-stir arting, and time-lapse arting...and other things~), and three current year-long projects: selfie-a-day, photo-a-day, and sketch-a-day.