LionCon Gaming

Pathfinder At LionCon


There is no better time to play Pathfinder than at LionCon! Join one of our games or start your own. The Choice is yours!

Open Gaming All Day Every Day


Come join in the fun and learn a new game. You can bring your own or try one from our board game library. Never a dull moment when you're playing a game!

Dungeons & Dragons At LionCon


The Classic you know and love is at LionCon. Come roll up with us for a great adventure and good time with family and friends.

Now Playing Yu-Gi-Oh!


Free open play whenever you want at LionCon. Make sure to stay tuned for all the sweet events we have planned for 2020. We are super happy that this amazing TCG is coming to LionCon!

Gotta Catch 'em All!


We have had a huge Pokemon following at LionCon and we love it! We plan on bringing back all the sweet tournaments we have done in the past, so stay tuned!

Planeswalk Over to LionCon


Probably one of our biggest hits, Magic: the Gathering. Events include fire at will drafts, standard and EDH. Who knows maybe we can do some of the new formats too! The choice is yours at LionCon 2020.