What: Application and contract for exhibit/Vendor space
With Whom: LionHeart Games LLC of Waite Park Minnesota and LionCon
When: Saturday September 21st and Sunday September 22nd, 2019
Where: 850 19th St South, Sartell, MN 56377
Instructions: Sign and return this contract to:
Attn: Lionheart Games – LionCon 2019; 376 3rd Street NE; Waite Park, Minnesota 56387. Or email to lionheartgames@hotmail.com ****Upon acceptance, primary contact will be contacted for payment information and further instructions

Show management will assign exhibit space when payment is received and reserves the right to deny a vendor that is deemed as not a fit for this event. As it gets closer to the event, more show details will be emailed to you. Space will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.


2. Contracts must be accompanied by payment in full. This is a contract for exhibit space that includes side drapes, back curtain, one 8’ table (skirted) and 2 chairs.
3. Electrical is available to everyone at an additional cost of $10, Per Parks Event Center Service Contract.
4. All other services and products for your exhibit space will be your responsibility (if you need electricity you must bring enough extension cords to reach up to100 feet, you may want to consider bringing additional accent lighting, etc.).

5. By your signature on this letter, you acknowledge that you, your heirs, administrators and assigns, do now, and will forever hold harmless LionHeart Games, LionCon Event, all of their affiliates, and all of their officers, shareholders, directors, agents and employees and all of their predecessors, successors, heir and assigns from and against any and all claims arising from your participation, including but not limited to, claims relating to the arrangements made by us for you, booth space, electricity, and any and all other events, activities and occurrences in which you are involved.

6. Firearms: Firearms need to be displayed & secured in a manner that someone cannot access them without assistance from the vendor. Firearms & ammunition need to be kept separately from one another.
7. Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is provided free by the Parks Event Center.

8.) Food and Beverages: Vendors may sell prepackaged food and beverages, such as Pocky, but nothing prepared by the vendor(i.e., pizza).

Booth $150/$200 After June 1st for vendors, $125 for an artist booth

“Vendor” in this instance is defined as one selling items they do not make themselves- like superhero action figures. “Artists” are defined as one selling items crafted by themselves- like knitted stuffed animals or art prints made by themselves.