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Swap Meet
Do you have an outrageous amount of nerdy memorabilia, games, or clothes? Do you want new* and improved items for your collection? Just bring your nerdy stuff with you to LionCon and trade with your fellow attendees! Remember, the more things you bring, the more things you could receive! We will have a set trading time and tables to show off your products. Fine details are still to be determined. *may be slightly used

There are some big changes this year. We are going to be in multiple rooms at the River’s Edge Convention Center. We are doing this for the convenience and courtesy of attendees! Being in one big room with gaming and panels made it difficult to hear what was going on. This year, we will be reserving a room for panels. We are looking for panelists! If you have a passion for all things—or some things nerd, and you don’t mind speaking in front of people, we want you as a panelist! Please submit an application with your prospective panel and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Anime Viewing Room
Along with our panel room, we are introducing an Anime Viewing Room. We will be playing your favorite shows all weekend. Show list will be updated at a later date.

Our minions are working on all the little details, so hold tight ladies and gentlemen!