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A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s LionCon!

Event Sponsors:
Bernick’s Pepsi
Rockin’ 101
Steel Toe Morning Show on Rockin’ 101
660 The Bear
Steve Jackson Games
Lionheart Games LLC
Red Carpet Nightclub
Wicked Jester
ECig Lounge LLC
Evolution Taekwondo
Featured Guests:
Daniel Mohr
Starbolt Cosplay
Aaron Imholte
Cory Strode
Birdi Cosplay
Helena Steele
Carley Quinn
Paladin Vox
Jin Wicked
Joe Rider
Wolfie B. Bad
Paul Burris
Event Exibitors/Vendors:
Atlas Games
Asmodee North America
Fantasy Flight Games
Days of Wonder
Pokemaniac Dan
Halfling Crafts
Olde Haven Arts
Mohr Creations
Wicked Jester
SRJ Ceramics
tentacle-made studios by ‘trie blasingame
Legends of Chaos
Ramona Kuhn
The Iscevari Marketplace LLC
Lawn Gamez
Evolution Taekwondo
Lionheart Games LLC
Bluetie Designs
Jin Wicked
LGS Electronics
Ridgewater College
Spiritman Comics
Visit Greater St. Cloud
Angry Fox LLC


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