LionCon is open to the public. Children attending LionCon must be

accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. All attendees agree to

accept the Liability Waiver. Lionheart Games LLC, hereafter (“LIONCON”)

reserves the right to deny entry or remove from the event facilities any

person who, in its sole and absolute discretion, is behaving or threatening

to behave in a manner which it reasonably considers to be disruptive to the

event; is harassing or threatening to other attendees or who violates any

federal, state or local laws. LIONCON further reserves the right to record

and use pictures and videos taken during the event to use for future

promotional material; including posts on social media and local print news

media. Prize winners must be present to claim their prize. LionCon staff

and their families are not eligible to win prizes.


By attending LionCon, I acknowledge that I wish to participate in event

activities sponsored by the organization known as Lionheart Games LLC, a

Minnesota Limited Liability Corporation (hereafter “LIONCON”). LIONCON

makes no representations or claims as to the condition or safety of

buildings or surroundings, whether or not owned, leased, operated or

maintained by the LIONCON. I understand that all activities are

VOLUNTARY and that I do not have to participate unless I choose to do so.

I understand that harm may come to my person or property (or ego), and

that by participating I voluntarily accept and assume the risk of injury to

myself or damage to my property. I understand that the LIONCON does

NOT provide any insurance coverage for my person or my property. I

acknowledge that I am responsible for my safety and my own health care

needs, and for the protection of my property. In exchange for allowing me

to participate in this LIONCON event I agree to release from liability, agree

to indemnify, and hold harmless the LIONCON, any LIONCON officer, or

any event staff acting within the scope of their duties, for any injury to my

person or damage to my property. This Release shall be binding on myself,

successors in interest, and/or any person(s) suing on my behalf. I have

read the statements in this document and I agree with its terms. I

understand that this document is complete unto itself and that any oral

promises or representations made to me concerning this document and/or

its terms are not binding upon the LIONCON, its officers, agents and/or



The LionCon Registration Desk will be open during the operating hours of

the convention. Please check in when you arrive if you already purchased a

ticket, otherwise you can pay and register on site as well. Friendly staff is

available to answer your questions and assist you in finding a game or

something else awesome to do. LionCon also maintains an activity Board

at the Registration Desk. All events, their table locations and rooms will be

displayed on the board. Any cancelled events will also be noted.


LionCon staff is easily identifiable by their BADGES and over-the-top

enthusiasm for games and all things nerdy and geeky! If you have a game

question, a bathroom question or any other question, find a STAFF

member and they’ll point you in the right direction.


For your convenience, we also have a Hospitality Board available with

information from a host of our great local restaurants (many of whom

deliver). Outside food is welcome at LionCon. LionCon is a family friendly

event, no alcoholic beverages please. The Rivers Edge Convention Center

is a smoke-free building.


Open gaming at LionCon is not only acceptable, its encouraged! In fact,

open games are a large part of the appeal of gaming conventions. It allows

players an opportunity to try out new games they have been interested in or

run a new game they haven’t had a chance to put on the table. We’ve got

lots of tables available and you’ll have plenty of opportunity find players and

run a game. Just talk to one of the staff members for assistance. So if you’d

like to get your game on the Game Board, just stop at the Registration

Desk and they’ll get you a time slot!