Upcoming Events

The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association are happy to inform you that at LionCon 2017, we will be Christening the Ship,  HMS Javelin DD 264 into the Royal Manticoran Navy! There, the Captain will recite the orders to assume command of the ship. We are excited to be a part of their newest chapter.

The event will be taking place on Saturday in the Main room.

Chapter: St. Cloud | Ship: HMS Javelin DD 264 | Website for more info: www.trmn.org

(The Royal Manticoran Navy is based on the Honorverse/Honor Harrington Series written by David Weber – learn about the titles here: http://www.davidweber.net/books)

Fire at will Drafts

If you love playing Magic the Gathering and if you love Drafts, this is your place to be! At LionCon, we will be holding Drafts all day long! Prize support: Booster Packs Swiss Style Tournaments 4-man pods 8+ players per tournament.

Open tabletop gaming

Your favorite tabletop games will be running all day. Play your favorites, learn new games or even host a game if you’re a pro player.

More events plus the event schedule for all gaming, drafts, and anime viewings are being created. Stay tuned to know when everything is going to be happening!

Event Schedule:

All day events:
Artemis Bridge Simulator Video Game—TRMN Room
Giant Hounded—Vendor Room
Atlas Games Booth
Giant Tsuro—Game Room
Pokemon Go! Poke Walks
Magic The Gathering Drafts

10:00 am Registration for Pokemon League Cup Opens
11:00 am Opening Ceremony — Main Stage Silent auction opens
12:00 pm Smash Bros Tournament — Game Room
1:00 pm TRMN Commissioning — Main Stage witness The Royal Manticoran Navy Commission their ship
2:00 pm Sword Art Masters — Main Stage
3:00 pm Smash Bros Tournament — Game Room
5:00 pm Cosplay Contest — Main Stage
8:00 pm Party w/ TRMN  at the InterGalactic Space Station — TRMN Room

Sunday Main Events:
12:00 pm Silent Auction ends
1:00 pm Swap Meet—Panel Room 2 Trade your nerdy memorabilia with other attendees.
3:00 pm X-Wing Tournament—TRMN Room
5:00 pm Closing Ceremony



Saturday Panels: 11:00 am Panel Room 1 — Creative Process for Creating a World and Characters—Stephen Brust Discuss how to create worlds and the characters in them. Panel Room 2 — Get into Gaming — TRMN Going beyond Monopoly. Enter into the realms of tabletop gaming.

12:00 pm Panel Room 1 — Meet Caitlynn French—Caitlynn French An introduction panel and Q&A to find out who the heck she is and why she is here. Panel Room 2 — How to be in a Masquerade — WigWig Cosplay ‘Tips and Tricks’ panel teaches you what you can do to successfully compete!

1:00 pm Main Stage—TRMN Commissioning—TRMN Witness The Royal Manticoran Navy Commission their ship, HMS Javelin

Panel Room 1— Art vs. Craft Writing—Stephen Brust Listen to how interaction between the craftsmanship and artistic aspects of writings work.

Panel Room 2—Getting Started in Webcomics—Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz Spiritual Themes In Pop Culture and Literature


2:00 pm Main Stage — Sword Art Masters — Monticello Haidong Gumdo Demonstration of Korean sword art Haidong Gumdo Panel Room 1 — Elements of Cosplay — WigWig Cosplay New to Cosplay? Join us for an accelerated cosplay 101. Panel Room 2 — Introduction to Film Making — Matthew Lindquist

3:00 pm Main Stage — Sword Art Now — Monticello Haidong Gumdo Interactive Panel: Opportunity to begin basic training in Haidong Gumdo. Panel Room 1 — No Shame — Caitlynn French A panel to talk and embrace our love for fandoms. Panel Room 2 — Chainmaille Make and Take — TRMN Interactive Panel: Learn how to make chainmaille and take your project home with you.

4:00 pm Panel Room 1 — How to Make a Nicole — Nicole Brune Discusses the process to create one of her works of art. Panel Room 2 — By Crafters Forged — TRMN How to add flair to your outfit or repurpose simple supplies to create props.


5:00 pm Main Stage — Cosplay Contest Panel Room 1 — The Hero’s Journey We All Take — Monticello Haidong Gumdo Using examples from the martial arts to illustrate how you travel the Hero’s Journey. Panel Room 2 – Convention Accessibility – Z Marie Kirck

6:00 pm Panel Room 1 — Life Lessons from the Necronomicon — Caitlynn French HP lovecrafts work has escalated in influence to all types of popular media. Panel Room 2 — Discussion About Fantasy World for Vlad Character—Stephen Brust How did the story of Vlad and world he inhabits come about?

7:00 pm Panel Room 1 — Risqué Cosplay (18+) — Vendetta Vixens This show will exhibit talents in acrobatics, drag, modern dance, comedy, pole dancing,  and classic and alternative burlesque with plenty of Cosplay! Panel Room 2 — Geek Comedy Rock — The Faithful Sidekicks Catchy, original comedy songs about all things geek.

8:00 pm Panel Room 1 — Risqué Cosplay (18+) Continues

9:00 pm Panel Rooms Close



Sunday Panels: 10:00 am TRMN Room — Meet the TRMN — TRMN Come meet The Royal Manticoran Navy, find out how to become a starship captain, and hang out with other sci-fi adventurers.

11:00 am Panel Room 1 — —Fabric Choice—WigWig Cosplay This is a panel about fabric choices when planning cosplays and where to shop for fabrics. Panel Room 2 — Canvas Skies – Matthew Lindquist A comic novella featuring an alternate history where the North had airships during the Civil War. TRMN Room — Creating a Universe — TRMN Come find out how to make your story step off the page and into your reader’s imagination.


12:00 pm Panel Room 1 — Cards Against Humanity (18+)—Aaron Imholte Play the popular game, hosted by Radio Personality, Aaron Imholte. Panel Room 2—Food in Fantasy—Stephen Brust Listen to how do you create food in fantasy story lines, why is food important in fantasy fiction TRMN Room — Making it Steampunk — TRMN Come find out how to go Steampunk on a budget and repurpose your modern wardrobe into a steam age creation.

1:00 pm Panel Room 1 — Swords of Anime and SciFi; Practical or Pure Fun?—Monticello Haidong Gumdo Learn which swords are useful or not. Jeopardy-style trivia game, “Name That Sword” Panel Room 2—Swap Meet TRMN Room — The Honorverse — TRMN Come discover the world of Honor Harrington and her adventures as a captain of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.


2:00 pm Panel Room 1 — Props 101 — Wig Wig Cosplay Join us to learn the basics for working on props and what materials to use. Panel Room 2 — Swap Meet TRMN Room — Fiction and Film — TRMN Ever wanted to bring your story to the world of live action? What does it take to make your own fan film?

3:00 pm Panel Room 1 — How to Make a Nicole — Nicole Brune Discusses the process to create one of her works of art. Panel Room 2 — Real Sword or Wall Hanger — Monticello Haidong Gumdo Learn how to determine if a blade is usable for cutting or if it should hang on the wall and look pretty. TRMN Room — X-Wing Tournament

4:00 pm Panel Room 1 – Storytelling — Christopher Schmitz Going from idea to paperback

5:00 pm — Panel Room Closes