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The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association are happy to inform you that at LionCon 2017, we will be Christening the Ship,  HMS Javelin DD 264 into the Royal Manticoran Navy! There, the Captain will recite the orders to assume command of the ship. We are excited to be a part of their newest chapter.

The event will be taking place on Saturday in the Main room.

Chapter: St. Cloud | Ship: HMS Javelin DD 264 | Website for more info: www.trmn.org

(The Royal Manticoran Navy is based on the Honorverse/Honor Harrington Series written by David Weber – learn about the titles here: http://www.davidweber.net/books)

Fire at will Drafts

If you love playing Magic the Gathering and if you love Drafts, this is your place to be! At LionCon, we will be holding Drafts all day long! Prize support: Booster Packs Swiss Style Tournaments 4-man pods 8+ players per tournament.

Open tabletop gaming

Your favorite tabletop games will be running all day. Play your favorites, learn new games or even host a game if you’re a pro player.

More events plus the event schedule for all gaming, drafts, and anime viewings are being created. Stay tuned to know when everything is going to be happening!

Event Schedule:

Saturday’s Events


more details are coming soon!



Sunday’s Events