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Nicole Brune

Pin-up artist working in graphite, digital, and oil paint

Nicole Brune is a former model and traditional pin-up artist working in graphite, digital, and oil paint. Her new and different take on characters really got the attention of fans that refer to her as “the next Olivia”. Over the years, the requests and commissions have steered her pin-up art towards comic, fantasy and sci-fi themes. As the world turns digital, because of the intricate detail of her oil and pencil work, she is becoming the artist’s artist. Nicole is always happy to share advice and techniques with aspiring artists. Combined with her beauty on and off camera, as well as her friendliness and approachability, her fan base continues to grow exponentially!

Nicole is a frequent guest of comic cons around the country, and her works have been seen in Koncept Magazine, Von Gutenberg Magazine, Married to Rock on E!, PlayboyTV, G4TV and more. Her pin-ups have been licensed for use on drum sticks, guitar picks, guitars, boats, shirts, vintage metal signs, stickers, posters and sold-out Limited Editions. She has designed tattoos, and cosplayers are even making outfits based on her unique takes on existing characters. Her newest full sized book was released at the end of 2014, and in mid 2015, her art was seen on the cover of the SOLD OUT Lady Death: Death Becomes Her edition!

Steven  Brust

Author,  musician

Steven Brust was born late in the Cenozoic Era at a place a mere 238,900 miles from the lonely, harsh desolation of the moon. From the moment of his birth, he launched a study of language, facial recognition, and tool using, while simultaneously beginning an intense regime of physical fitness.  He fell into a life of crime under the influence of Tuli, the Evil Dog of Evilness, a life which continued for many years.  At one point, aided by Captain Blondbeard the Space Pirate Kitty, he nearly succeeded in either taking over the world or destroying the universe, the record is unclear. The plot, which featured a machine (built by a mysterious parrot known only as “Doc”) that could predict the future, failed when the machine turned out to be only able to predict the plot of action movies. This led Brust to abandon his criminal activities and begin writing science fiction and fantasy novels. Only time will tell how much lower he’ll sink.

Author, Steven Brust! He is the author of 26 novels and is best known for his novel series based on fictional character Vlad Taltos, an assassin part of a minority group of humans living on a world called Dragaera. Mr. Brust is also a drummer, guitarist, banjo player and singer- songwriter with one solo album and two albums as a member of Cats laughing. He has written songs for bands such as Boiled in Lead. He is an enthusiastic amateur poker player.


Actor, Broadcaster, Author, Voice-Talent, Voice-Actor, and Poet/Lyricist.

Paladin began radio and acting in the same year as he became a full-time radio personality for 1360am KNRB (formerly KXOL – George Carlin’s alma mater) as well as his debut as a professional actor in Word Music’s “The Promise” (musical theatre) as The Gadarene Demoniac in the musical portrayal of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

In a number of films-including “Grim,” “Pros & Cons,” “Skunk-Ape Hunters In Texas,” and a documentary about the Dallas glam-rock scene as well as short films.

Appeared in Love Stricken Demise rock video for “Celebrity High” Love Stricken Demise features Nikki McKibbin (American Idol, Celebrity Rehab), Billy Blair (Macheté, Jonah Hex), Rico Getz, and Holly Wood (“Hot Hair by Holly,” Observer Makeover Contest 2011, Deep Ellum Arts Festival live music MC, and featured on the Tara Buell and Paladin Rox show on Video for song “Celebrity High” on June 20th, 2011, at legendary Dallas rock club “Trees.”

The Cosplay Contest Guest Judges | Wig-Wig Cosplay

Paragon, one half of the cosplay duo Wig-Wig Cosplay, hails from St. Paul, MN and has been cosplaying for only a few years, but has been an avid lover of RPGs, board games, and videogames since he could hold a game controller. Over the past year, Paragon has become known for his leather work and armor making skills. His attention to detail is only rivaled by SkyPirate, and his work always involves some kind of research on materials – leather, EVA, Sintra, Worlba, Terraflex, Transpa-Art, woodworking, you name it! Paragon’s favorite part of cosplaying is planning out his next project to beat out the last. While not slaving away over a dremmel or a beveling tool, Paragon hosts tabletop gaming nights, plays games of Warhammer 40K, and works on his personal board game and RPG creations – which he’s always excited to talk about!

SkyPirate, the other half of the cosplay duo Wig-Wig Cosplay, drives to all her cons from St. Paul, MN and brings with her a plethora of cosplay knowledge – and tons of trial and error stories! Her cosplaying days started back in middle school, but really took the spotlight in 2015 when she and Paragon attended 14 conventions and won numerous consecutive awards for craftsmanship. With each project, SkyPirate tries to learn a new skill to grow her talents. From wig styling to painting, her favorite will always be sewing and she has spent more hours at her Pfaff than she would be healthy to admit. Every blue moon, she’ll step away from cosplay and enjoy buying a new board game to add to her collection or join in on Paragon’s RPG adventures. Rivaling her love of cosplay is her enjoyment of JRPGs and selling her soul to the Final Fantasy franchise.