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Jaime Coker

Jaime Coker is a self-styled artist, illustrator, comic book fan, and pop culture maven. With a wide-ranging variety of influences, Jaime has incorporated celebrating popular culture and phenomena into the art he creates— incorporating motion picture, television, video game, comic book, and literary characters and concepts into his visual aesthetic. His philosophy is celebrating the individual fandom and the way that it makes you feel. A newcomer to the convention circuit, he began envisioning sharing his art shortly after obtaining his Master’s Degree, with the idea that we should all be doing more of what we love. Having lived everywhere from New York to Hawaii, Jaime has settled in Minnesota and calls St. Cloud home.

Demon Armor: Judge for next year

Demon Armor is a family of novice cosplayers out of central Minnesota. A father and his son and daughter bond by creating and building cosplay sets together. Starting with a simple foam Mjolnir for Halloween in 2014, that small project sparked a full-time hobby. Appearing at local conventions as Magneto with his children Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as well as McCree, Pharah and Genji from Overwatch. His personal favorite is the Witch King of Angmar as he emerges from the depths to scare the local children during Halloween.

Wig-Wig Cosplay

Returning to LionCon for their second year is Wig-Wig Cosplay – the dynamic cosplay duo out of Minneapolis, Minnesota! Combined, Paragon and SkyPirate have over 20 years of cosplay crafting experience and just as many awards for craftsmanship. They have been competitively cosplaying for four years starting from humble beginnings in the Midwest circuit to now attending larger cons such as Katsucon in Washington DC. Known for their attention to detail and dedication to researching materials, Wig-Wig Cosplay is always looking for new techniques and challenges to grow their list of skills. In 2016 and 2017, they judged at many conventions across the Midwest and ran panels, sharing their cosplay build do’s and don’t’s. They are always excited to talk with cosplayers and share experiences in this wonderful community!

Daniel “Stitch” Mohr & Wolfie B Bad

Daniel “Stitch” Mohr – Comic artist, author, and actor who was born and bred in Minnesota. Daniel writes and draws the web comic “Everyday Gods” which debuted in 2007, and draws the web comic “World Wide News” as well. “Life is a Natural One” is a new straight to print comic that Daniel created for a Wisconsin paper, but is being converted to a comic book medium. He is known for his Top Hat, puppet companion, and being an equal opportunity offender, however he promises to be good for at least five minutes a day. As well as being an artist, Daniel has performed in many theatrical productions, from community theaters to professional work. Acting has always been a great passion of his. Currently he lives with his wife in St Paul, where they run Mohr Creations together selling his artwork and her custom made fine jewelry. Daniel has also begun his own publishing company, Wolfie B Bad Productions.

Wolfie B Bad – Wolfie was born in Minnesota, and was born to be an actor. He was on stage making audiences laugh when he was only three months old. Since then he has expanded his repertoire to include audience participation stand up, and carousing on an Olympic level. Wolfie has presented at fortune 500 companies, and has also run for president. Vote Awesome in any future election, they all pay well.

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